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meeting, nor entered into a truly independent contract as mandated by enabling legislation. it's nothing more than a company union and a lap dog for those in the sf puc that need cover for their ineptitude. otherwise it's the fox that is being appointed to guard the hen house. this committee and its sf puc handlers have betrayed the voters. end this charade now. do not lift the sunset and an allusion of oversight is no oversight. tony hall had all right. go back to the drawing board and give us real oversight. don't rationalize that by keeping this cherawaed in place is just allowing the toxes
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toxes continued access to the hen house. >> thank you. >> hi. >> i'm concerned about the impacts on the voters, the economy and the tenants. i actually went to that committee to see what was going on after hear something reports about problems there. i made a couple of visits and i did not like what i saw. i think i heard a lot of testimony this afternoon about things getting swept under the rug and you are hearing a little bit of that carpet being pulled up right now and we're seeing reports about some problems there. i think it's not the unusual expiring of sunset and committees. you are starting to see there are issues here and like tony and the other speakers, i think you are faced with a bit of a problem in that have you two choices. one choice is to do something dramatic, like say, no this is not the time we're going to
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extend this committee. we're going to slow it down. and maybe reconstitute it and take a look at what we're doing and the other possibility is that because the function may be mandated by law, and we really do want to have that oversight work well, you might have to really take a look at the functioning of that committee. everyone agrees that the oversight is huge. there is billions of dollars at stake. it impacts the entire economy and that is one of the reasons that i think the problems are persisting. the other thing that is going on it's in the qwon connecticut context of the state mandate and the oversight that was intended from what i personally saw it's not functioning it's should. thank you.
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[speaker not understood] i serve on the puc citizen advisory committee. i did want to speak in support of an extension. i'm not sure if this is the right amount of time, if it should be more or less. i'm happy to work with supervisor farrell and others to look at things that we could tweak about the composition or the reporting, so that it is more effective. i have heard a number of concerns over time about whether it's being too -- no effective enough -- no enough -- we certainly have a general obligation bond oversight committee and we have bond oversight at the city college. so we have a more tradition of bond oversight than in the past. if this is not extended my understanding is that there
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would be effectively no oversight of the literally billions of dollars of [pwo-pbts/]s bonds that the puc has. so i would just offer those comments. on the legislation itself, sorry i did read it online 9-10, there there is no reference to section 1. there are section 2 and 3. unless you have any questions, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> through the chair to our city attorney real quick. does that make sense to have that in there, section 1? >> yes. >> we have it online?
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>> right under "be it ordained." >> can i take time to answer the question why we put 2013 into the legislation? soly so i will give you an honest answer. i was the economist on it and the sf puc said give us a plan and we'll >> instructor:
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>> instructor: so we picked 2013 for a reason, because state law, bay area water conservancy passed ab 1823 that said you must spend 50% of the money by 2010. 1 only% i hope you will take
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supervisor hall's advice and take the whole committee under advisement. think about bringing it back to the board of supervisors and make sure they fill with positions of people dedicated to their jobs. if you have any questions. >> seeing no questions. thank you very much there are no questions from the committee [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] is there any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed [ gavel ] supervisor farrell. >> thank you, chair kim and thank you to the member oz came to speak, both in favor and raising questions and supervisor tony hall again thank you for being here and credit for you to the vision
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back in 2002. i think we have had heard some concerns about the committee for sure. and i have heard them before. at the same point in time we do have billions of dollars that are getting funneled through in terms of bonds through our public utilities commission currently, both ones that have been the subject of oversight and those that will be coming up. in my opinion i would rather extend this committee right now for a number of years, acknowledging there are areas of improvement. what we're going to end up january 2nd is no oversight at all and i think to me that is the worst of the two outcomes. i would rather fix it internally, if there are some issues. i think the composition of that committee rests with our rules committee and the board of supervisors and the other items that were talked about rest with the committee itself. we could certainly work and i know they have expressed a willingness to work together on
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these issues. so i would very much be in favor of supporting it. it's legislationings that i sponsored. but it's a broader thing that i think that the puc would benefit from the oversight. so with that, i will go ahead and make the motion to forward this to the board with recommendation. >> supervisor campos? >> thank you. thank you, supervisor farrell. i want to thank all of the speakers for coming to this committee. and i especially want to acknowledge supervisor hall. you know, i am definitely in support of having an oversight body that looks at how the money is being spent. i do see the wisdom in what supervisor farrell is saying. with that said, the question
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that i have is more given that the expiration date is not for another few weeks, i'm wondering if there is any benefit to at least thinking about ways in which the structure of the committee can be changed now. i worry, when you have a former supervisor, who is the author of the body of this type, who is coming to us and telling us his concerns, i have a worry about moving forward and simply saying that we will extend it and then deal with. it and so i am wondering whether or not we should i maybe at least have a conversation and i don't know if you have had an opportunity to discuss some of the ideas that perhaps supervisor hall has. so that if it needs to be changed, why not just take the time to do that.
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you know, before it actually goes into effect. if it's not working and i don't have one way saying it is or it isn't. i don't want to move forward with something that is not working if we can do something about it. and i'm very mindful of the time. and i certainly don't want to be in a situation where we fail to extend the time because i think that we should. but it seems that we might have a little bit of time being october 18th. so just a question for supervisor farrell through the chair. >> and look, i have no problem doing that. i think -- and to me it's going to be a city attorney-driven question how much, because of the voter-approval legislation that we have the ability to amend, besides extension, do you know that off the top of my head? >> off the top of my head i would say that you could expend and if you want to change the composition, you would be doing what supervisor hall said,
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which is allowing this body to sunset, and then creating a new body. that would provide oversight. now we would have to look into that, but that is how i think you would proceed. >> so i am happy to look into that, if you want to take it to the next rules committee. no problem. be mindful our last board meeting is in december. mid-december and we have to get through second passage. i'm happy to look into that. i will say off the bat batt if it's a choice of letting it sunset going back to the voters and having a policeman minimum period of time it's not in place i wouldn't be in favor of that.
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? >> if it's a choice of having something imperfect or not having something, i would be there with you. through the chair, supervisor hall, if i could ask a question. supervisor, do you want to add something? ? >> i just wanted to say that your discussion here is right on track. it's really good. i would be willing to work with each one of you, if you want, but i think as opposed to what the city attorney said. the original legislation is what you should look at. it's all there. you don't need to send it back to the voters and try to get that passed again. that ashard deal. look at the original legislation and this will be on track. i would suggest that approach, because trying to eliminate any oversight and getting it back to the voters is a tough way to go. but look at the original legislation. it's all there. whatpaques it not working is the illegality
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of the way it's been operating. >> which to that point where i was going with it, there was nothing that we'll be able to change, it's more about the operations of the committee itself. which is fine, and we address it by our suggestions to them. >> supervisor farrell, allowing the revenue bond oversight committee to contract with outside agencies that aren't under the thrum of the controller's office, or the sf puc. that is the key. and because when the city services auditing agency is the watchdog, there is no oversight. >> if i may? >> supervisor, you may very well be correct that in the end legally there is nothing we can do and if that is the case, i don't really want to delay it. but if it's okay i would ask that we continue it until no later than next meeting of the rules committee and then i would be supportive of acting at that point. >> no problem. >> thank you.
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>> thank you >> thank you. >> okay. so we can make a motion to continue to the next ruleses committee -- >> that would be november1st. >> let me make a motion to amend putting section 1 in twin items 9 and 10 and making sure to amend thats it is an extension until january 1,2014. >> january 1, 2016. >> we would have a motion to amend and without opposition [ gavel ] and we have a motion to continue this to the next rules committee of november 1st. i'm certainly open to hearing how to make this committee as effective as it can be over the
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next two weeks and we have the motion and without opposition [ gavel ] at this time i would like to go back to item no. 3. which is our appointment to graffiti advisory board. mr. city attorney, i think we have a response to that question. >> yes although the legislation doesn't specifically address whether the members have to be legal voting age. this is designated for youth organizations and we agreed to allow for members under 18. >> great. so that is good news. i have already expressed before my support for mr. grgich and it's great to have young people and students representing on any number of issues here in the city, but particularly on our graffiti advisory board. >> supervisor campos is. >> i make a motion to move mr.
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grgich's nomination forward. if he can sit through our rules committee i think he can do a great job. >> i hope you are not mad at us for keeping you out of [skao-fplt/] we have a motion and without opposition. thank you. madame clerk are there any other announcements? seeing none, meeting is adjourned. thank you. [ gavel ] >> good afternoon. this is our disaster council meeting of october 26. thank you all for coming. welcome to our emergency operations center. as
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you know we generally meet at city hall but today is a very special day that you will learn about as we unfold our agenda and thank you again for coming. i'm going to turn the table over to mayor lee who is going to give some opening remarks. >> thank you. good afternoon everyone and welcome to our turk street emergency operations center. first of all i want to thank everybody. anybody wearing orange gets a special treat in my eyes today. anyway we're still celebrating and i never knew that wearing orange and the giants and sports will be so closely connected to what we do in emergency management but it is and it is for good reason because our city's success is really dependent upon inviting thousands more people here to enjoy our resources here in the city, to tax us a little bit on it, but this is what we do as a great international
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city. all of you have a very distinct role in all of this and it's my pleasure to begin telling you how proud i am and the months of september and particularly october have all been full of great events, and numerous events, and sometimes on schedules that while we had mentally took note they would be on the similar weekends, we were of course needing to really communicate with each other, and make sure we did all the things in the background that no one ever sees and talks to each other to make sure things happen smoothly, and i want to give big kudos to ed risin and all the others in transportation and advising people to take public transportation and emphasize that in all of our major international and worldwide and world seize of events that happened in the city.
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>> >> whether it's america's cup or fleet week or some incredible music on the bluegrass side of the city as well as just neighborhood events that we continue to invite we shined very well because we did do the right emphasis and we encouraged all of the public safety departments to work well ahead of this, and i want to thank them for constantly keeping me and many of you on the sf alert program and texting us and making sure we were assured that the critical departments were working together just in case and it's always about just in case. right herald? the red cross knows this more than anyone and it's about being prepared and again i want to give great kudos to all the public safety divisions of the city from the police and fire to the paramedics working behind the scenes and people out on
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the streets from dwp and to building inspection and you have to inspect some of the structures that go up whether it's putting on a bmx bike or skate board and allowing a hill of dirt to become controversy in front of city hall. i didn't know that. to our public works area that make sure that we are doing everything right on the streets and accounting for both pedestrian and the various traffic modes that we have. it's all being under the bright umbrella of dm and that's why we are here to today to make sure people continue this as the world series hasn't ended yet but let's say we are doing other plans as well that will complement what i hope is the wonderful conclusion of these games and speaking of that i
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know the world series will be talked about in more detail and it's in front of us. we have a viewing opportunity at civic center for potentially i think this sunday and hopefully people who want to and would like to share in the enthusiasm of our team will come down to civic center and basicked around in orange as the twilight occurs and the viewing of the game happens. otherwise i think everyone going to be at their favorite watering holes and dinner places when this all happens. obviously the police are working very hard as well and not only focused on the series but they have to be focused on certain parts of our communities that oftentimes flare up and i commend
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them and the district that was part of the shootings and curtail that pattern and follow up with the agencies and the community base agencies and the youth and violence prevention agencies that deanna is heading up in our office and paul and the others working hard at doing this, but again we ask for everybody's help. if you really are concerned or see anything that we need to get done please let us know possible public and private side. i also want to complement our private sector. i was there at the building operations, owners, manager's association just yesterday and when we called out for san francisco orange pride week gosh we got a lot of volunteers and that enthese yusm has helped and even larry baer said "i can't believe the number of buildings
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and the opera hall and the ferry building and the private buildings and coit tower and voluntarily celebrated with us, so that is incredible unity in the city. moving to another topic because we will cover these later i wanted to make sure i mentioned that within these last few months through the cooperation of our city administrator naomi kelly we have appointed a manager of the caps program, and of course that is the community action plan for seismic safety. it is a plan we wanted to make sure that was lead by someone who can immediately get on the ground and figure out all of the things that we need to do to make sure the soft story buildings which are the most important focus that we have to have for the next seismic event and starts with that planning with all of us, so i wanted to make sure to introduce and congratulate
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patrick otiline who has come aboard to take care of this incredible responsibility. patrick, thank you very much for being here today. [applause] i will note that currently the caps program is lodged under city mmptdor's office and a conversation i had when i was city administrator and we wanted to put it at a place, but it is there for now, but with patrick's help we will make sure that program flourishes at the right place and with all the different resources that we have to have along with my commitment we will have appropriate legislation in due time when we are ready when placed out before the voters what we require but we will do that in collaboration and not talking out because it is expensive and we know lives are at stake and we have to do it the right way
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and have a program that will work for everybody. now, i also want to say to you that there has been a person certainly in my own career as a public servant that has been impactful. i met rear admiral john banoff in 89 after the earthquake. he was still with the navy. helped us tremendously with a aircraft carrier and the work in recovery, and in 1992 mayor jordan sought to seek his leadership and have him head up what is today our dem but at that time it was the office of emergency services so for five years i got to work with admiral bit off and lead
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the effort at oes but at the time that we really required some strong leadership because it was shortly after the 101 california shootings that we realized very clearly different agencies within the city had to speak more deliberately with each other, had to have systems and communications and culture built around much more collaboration, particularly with communication. well, that spawned this particular building, and its housing of not only the emergency management, but its physical location of our 911 emergency dispatch system which is right upstairs, and that was started on and under the leadership of admiral bit dlf off. it was concluded very well. he then went on to what i say was parallel to me because i thought i was having the best job of my life of purchaser and
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we all got a different call and he went to the school district and we had fun with the most difficult assignments we could get, and if you ever work with the school district, and i know the school district is here it's a hard job, but it's one that he focused on with respect to their assets, their property, their role in emergency management and has faithfully well represented them for all these years and i think it was later, earlier last year you sought that big "r" admiral to retire and i know you're here with your wife maureen. thank you very much for being here. i would lieg to commend the admiral for all your years, for the critical years and being a friend to us because you have always been very
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approachable. for those that work in civic life for years appreciate the people that have a complete open door, don't wall themselves off because of their expertise and know that we all need to be educateed in the different roles and you have been doing that and you have been a friend to me when i was learning to expand our roles and whether it was dpw or the human rights commission you have been a great friend to the city, so with they would like you to come forward and receive due recognition with a special proclamation and as you come forward and due to his wonderful history here not only will we present this proclamation in our

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